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Welcome! This is the first post of my blog. If you’re reading this, you’re either arriving right on the ground floor or somehow I kept up with my goal to have an updated blog and you’re reading an older post. Either way, I’ll consider you a founder. I hope that you can find value in the blog posts I have planned.

Why does the world need another software-focused blog?

While it’s true that we already have plenty of popular software blogs out there, like Martin Fowler’s or Coding Horror, I recently convinced myself that every software engineer should have a blog.

Yes, we all need blogs, or at least some way to consistently distill what we’re learning down to a consumable format like a blog. Something incredible happens when we teach what we have learned to others: it sticks (not necessarily with the learner, but with the teacher)! The most successful software engineers are not only constantly learning, they are teaching and mentoring others.

The goal I have in mind for this blog is to motivate myself to continue actively learning and compose my thoughts such that I’m able to clearly communicate new things I learn.

A little about me

My name is Jared Ririe. I currently work as a Software Engineer at a great company, Qualtrics. It’s an engaging place to work and I get to tackle some genuinely interesting problems. It’s also small enough that I’ve been able to make a big impact despite it being early in my career. The various projects I’ve worked on have taught me a lot about backend technologies, microservices, and distributed systems. I’m fortunate to work in this area as I’m truly passionate about it.

I graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.S. in Computer Engineering back in April 2016. Why CE and not CS? I wanted to understand how computers worked. I love low-level details and breaking down abstractions. I did always lean toward the software side of CE, however, and a part-time position at Qualtrics convinced me that software, not hardware, was my path forward.

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